1. How far away from the school is my family?
Most of the families are within 5 minutes walking distance of the school. If the family, that is most suitable for you, lives further out, you will be asked beforehand.

2. Where is the Spanish school?
The Spanish school is located 3 minutes walking distance from the town centre. See map.

3. How are the homestay families selected?
The families are carefully chosen. They have clean and friendly homes with hot water facilities. Your hostfamily will be open minded, interested and 100% Guatemalan.
We make an effort to match you to a suitable family and are always prepared to consider special requests (vegetarian food, private bathroom…)

4. What kind of food does the family prepare?
You will be served typical food that is normaly eaten in your hostfamily.
We give the cook of the family a briefing on how to prepare the food hygenically, so that it is perfectly safe for you to eat.

5.When should I make my reservation?
You can practically start a day after you have signed up, but in your own interest it’s best to reserve at least a week before. That way you are sure to get a place and a suitable teacher.

6.Do the teachers speak English?
Most of the them do speak some English. But they follow a teaching concept, where as little English as possible is spoken, so you get as much listening and speaking practice as possible.

7. How many hours of classes a day would you recommend?
At the start 4-5 hours should do fine. Later you can always change.

8. I have a special request/wish.
Of course we want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your stay in Antigua. We strive to meet your individual needs. Please contact us with any questions.

Special Courses or Features

  • Spanish for Medical Purposes
  • Spanish for Business
  • Spanish Immersion Program (40+ hrs/wk)
  • Spanish Internships or Work Experience
  • Spanish One-to-One / Private
  • Lessons Internship Opportunties
  • Volunteer Program Opportunities

Work Abroad  Guatemala

Guatemala is a fascinating place to visit. It has the largest percent (60%) of indigenous population in the whole of Latin America. With its diversity of nature (rainforests, lakes, skyforests, volcanoes, mangroves), and its unique colonial towns everybody will find a spot or two they love. And probably there is no better way of really getting to know this country than living and working in it for a while. 

This is how we see the “volunteering idea”. Give and take! Interact! Communicate! 

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