Our afternoon and evening activities are an optional offer that we organize so that you get to know the country and its customs.

  • bike tours
  • visits to fincas
  • regular fiestas
  • cooking local dishes
  • Salsa/Merengue lessons
  • watching Latin-American videos
  • visits to the famous ruins, and churches
  • talks about interesting historical and cultural events

Special Courses or Features

  • Spanish for Medical Purposes
  • Spanish for Business
  • Spanish Immersion Program (40+ hrs/wk)
  • Spanish Internships or Work Experience
  • Spanish One-to-One / Private
  • Lessons Internship Opportunties
  • Volunteer Program Opportunities

Work Abroad  Guatemala

Guatemala is a fascinating place to visit. It has the largest percent (60%) of indigenous population in the whole of Latin America. With its diversity of nature (rainforests, lakes, skyforests, volcanoes, mangroves), and its unique colonial towns everybody will find a spot or two they love. And probably there is no better way of really getting to know this country than living and working in it for a while. 

This is how we see the “volunteering idea”. Give and take! Interact! Communicate! 

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