At “Interactiva Spanish school ” we help the student to develop a range of abilities indispensable in speaking Spanish fluently.

You will receive private one-to-one Spanish classes with one of our highly experienced Spanish teachers, matched to your level of Spanish.

From the beginning, the classes are held completely in Spanish, to give you the best possible listening and speaking practice.

Learning a language isn’t only studying text books.

We encourage you to apply the grammar and vocab you are learning in a playful way and in real-life situations. Games, Latino-music, discussions on cultural issues… are part of our teaching concept.

in our after class activities,colunteer project and homestay your spanish skills will be intensified and brought to life

Special Courses or Features

  • Spanish for Medical Purposes
  • Spanish for Business
  • Spanish Immersion Program (40+ hrs/wk)
  • Spanish Internships or Work Experience
  • Spanish One-to-One / Private
  • Lessons Internship Opportunties
  • Volunteer Program Opportunities

Work Abroad  Guatemala

Guatemala is a fascinating place to visit. It has the largest percent (60%) of indigenous population in the whole of Latin America. With its diversity of nature (rainforests, lakes, skyforests, volcanoes, mangroves), and its unique colonial towns everybody will find a spot or two they love. And probably there is no better way of really getting to know this country than living and working in it for a while. 

This is how we see the “volunteering idea”. Give and take! Interact! Communicate! 

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